Heat Press Inc Warranty Policy


Heat Press Inc Equipment Manufacturing Limited Warranty

For Heat Presses Manufactured by Heat Press Inc® :

  • Vesta®
  • Heat Press Inc®


Proper power 1700 watts with 30 amp dedicated power source is required for most heat presses 15×15 and 16×20 sizes.  Large format heat press take 6000-900KW 220v single phase with 40 or 50 amp dedicated breaker is required.  Use of improper power will void warranty and any liability of damages.

Heat Press Inc heat presses are warranted against defects in material and workmanship. Warranty is void if equipment has been damaged by accident, unreasonable use, neglect, unauthorized and/or improper service, or other causes not arising out of defects in material and workmanship. This warranty does not cover damage caused by normal wear and tear or neglect or lack of proper maintenance.


The heating element shall be warranted for (1) one years of all heat presses manufactured by Heat Press Inc. and there is a one (1) year warranty on electronic components, (1) one year on the circuit board and (1) one year on all other non consumable components.  Normal wear and tear items are covered for the first 90 days.


During the warranty period, and in the event that a situation cannot be resolved by telephone and upon PRE-AUTHORIZATION FROM Heat Press Inc equipment must be shipped, freight prepaid, to Heat Press Inc in Anaheim CA for service. All shipping and insurance expenses to and from the Heat Press Inc service center of in-warranty equipment is solely the responsibility of the customer. Heat Press Inc cannot be held responsible for improper handling or any other damage incurred in transit. No charge will be made for labor and components for repair of in-warranty equipment. OUT-OF WARRANTY machines will be charged at the repair rates in effect at the time the machine is received.


Heat Press Inc equipment or other incidental or consequential costs, expenses, or damages incurred by the original purchaser or any other user. The above warranty provisions constitute the entire agreement between all parties, and supersedes any and all prior written and/or oral representations and understandings.

This “Limited Warranty” applies to all Heat Press Inc equipment. However, the procedure for obtaining service may vary outside the continental United States. Contact your Heat Press Inc representative for warranty information. The purchaser is responsible for compliance with all local laws and regulations and measures to meet them. Agreement shall be governed by and construed in accordance with all applicable laws of state of California.




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