WINPCSIGN 2012 Basic Design and Cutting Software

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WINPCSIGN 2012 Design and Cutting software

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Product Description

WinPCSIGN 2012 Basic

CUTTING has never been so EASY

Compatible with more than 500 vinyl cutters

Most popular : USCutter, SM, PCUT,
Signwarehouse, Vinyl Express, Master…

Import svg, ai, eps, ps, pdf, dxf, jpg, bmp ...

Import: SVG, AI, EPS, PS, PDF, DXF,

Compatible with all windows fonts

Let you select all the fonts installed on


Compatible with 7, VISTA, XP, NT ... Only for Windows
7, VISTA, XP, NT …
Languages Languages: English
Coming soon: Français, EspañolPortugues, Deutsch, German


Create Awesome PROJECTS


small & large signs creation


car, boat, moto & rv design



metal engraving






wall decoration


glass etching



WinPCSIGN 2012 – Features


automatic font fidner

Automatic Font Finder
Search & find font from images

automatic vectorization

Text tranformation
Easely, create outstanding text effect


What you see is what you get

contour cut

Contour Cut
Print & Cut images in color

text transformation

Text tranformation
Easely,create outstanding text effect

unicode write in Chinese, Arabic, Hindi etc...

Unicode: write in Chinese, Arabic,
Hindi etc…

group break

Break or group your logo in one
click Perfect for fast editing.

spiral tool

New spiral tool for embellishment
Design amazing spiral easily

color scheme

Apply a new color theme
Easily customise your design


Design like an artist

auto save

Auto Save
Automatically save your work



cutting by panels

This exclusive function is useful to
weed big designs. Cuts design in
panels with easy overlap

cutting panel

Quick and useful cutting panels.
Cut by colors, add wedding, rotate etc….

no more vinyl slipping

Minimiseroll and unroll of the vinyl sheet
to avoid slipping and distortion

path orientation

Cutter always start a new path with a
good blade orientation to avoid twisting
and material lost.

no more unstick or sharp corner

Prevent unstick or sharp corner

FEATURES LIST (more than any one else basic, starter or lite software)


new feature Better and faster vectorization
new feature Erase small surface interactive (Vectorization)
new feature Auto vectorization mode for Arabic & Indian fonts
new feature Convert an color image into a rhinestone pattern
new feature Rhinestones: Touch detection stones
new feature Rhinestones: Color selection by color rhinestones
new feature Rhinestones: Color selection by size
new feature Rhinestones: Color selection by size + color
new feature Rhinestones: Fit Stones on any shapes
new feature Rhinestones: Island fill (Full or Partial)
new feature Import SVG & PDF (vector file)
  • New tools to cut Foam ( chaining)
  • Simulation of blade trajectory on the path
  • Magic Ruler (real images measurement)
  • Customer folder (jobs, notes, etc)
  • Replacement of non-available font
  • Elimination of edges path angles
  • Measurements of objects (auto calculation of lengths, surface)
  • Super weeding of vinyl
  • Automatic Black & White vectorization
  • Photo cut vectorization
  • Center line vectorisation
  • Double line vectorization
  • Design center, Outlines, Shadows, Perspectives & Rotations 3D
  • Draw a segment with a given angle
  • Creation and correction of font
  • Accelerated impression of the image
  • WYSIWYG cutting preparation
  • Printing colors management
  • Cut and Paste
  • Easy to Use Measuring Tool
  • Rotate, Mirror, Scale
  • Online Help
  • Interactive Cutter Control
  • Automatic Color Separation for Cutting
  • Complete Text & Graphic Layout
  • Uses your Tru Type Fonts installed on your computer (Auto Font Import)
  • Import / Export (EPS, DXE, AI,SVG etc.)
  • Easy node and path Edit
  • Dictionary
  • Kiss cutting option
  • Engraving functions
  • Intelligent logos search
  • 500 Logos ready to cut and print
  • Copy properties
  • Multiply copies, circulars copies
  • Cut shape with a straight segment
  • Cropping image with rectangle, circle, oval
  • Distortions, Outline, Contour with welding, Shadow, Gradient
  • Draw arrows, stars, polygons, ellipses, circles, rectangles
  • Cutters drivers installed more than 500
  • Digital cameras import
new feature New WYSIWYG welding
new feature Lattice
new feature Auto-Backup of your current job
new feature Save your Personalize Toolbar setup
new feature Free hand tool
new feature Interactive messages
new feature Unicode Paste Chinesse, Russian, Arabic … symbols
new feature Spiral tool
new feature Color Scheme
new feature Zoom with CLICK + CTRL
new feature Group ungroup (Easy one click)
  • Orthogonal rotation
  • Automatic color vectorization
  • Automatic cleaning vectorization filter
  • Enlarge and reduction images processing
  • Painting effects
  • Histogram / Adjust histogram
  • Merge any selection with an images
  • Shadow with transparent. (gray and colors)
  • Perspectives on images
  • Softening of image contours (Soft touch function)
  • Correction of image imperfection (Touch up function)
  • Separation of an image in color plans (cmyk, cmy, rgb, black)
  • Calibrations of images colors
  • Cropping image by personal path and text
  • Masks effect
  • Superposition of colors
  • Adjustment of the semitone
  • Cut & Print all TrueType and Adobe fonts
  • Cutting by colors and objects
  • Multiples weeding contours
  • Edition and special effects on images (noise,emboss, etc.)
  • Convert vector object to image
  • Change resolution and color of images (bits, dithering, etc)
  • Import / Export Bmp, Jpg, Tiff, Eps, Pcx, Wmf, Wpc, Vip
  • Import vectorized files Eps, Ai, Dxf, Prn, Plt. Wpc, Vip, Svg, Pdf etc
  • Import PDF vector files
  • Visual text spacing
  • Dimension-lines (see and print measurements)
  • Color scanning & black/white.
  • Top quality MAX fonts
  • Separate text in characters, word, line and outline
  • Convert a segment to Beziers, in Arc and Bezier with a click
  • Simple interface to write any text on path and circle
  • Manual vectorization
  • See opened path (unsnap)
  • See direction path
  • Automatic numbers production
  • Lock and unlock selected object.

Additional Information

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 7 x 7 x 5 in


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