ISS Show Long Beach 2014

Come visit us at the ISS Show Long Beach Jan 17 – 19th Booth #1656.

We’ll have our Direct to Garment Printers, Phone Case Printer, and Heat Press Machines

Help with Picking the right Heat Press

  • Size: Think about the size of the work that you want to do and make sure that the press is large enough for want you want to do. 
  • Heat Press TypeSwing-awayDraw and Clamshell heat presses are the three major types of presses. Each type will have certain advantages (remember, thinking about what you need and want), depending upon how the manufacturer constructs the press.
  • Digital time and temperature: Analog [using a dial] timers are often not quite as accurate as digital timers (and many only go up to sixty seconds) and analog temperatures are often read from a tiny gage that is often hard to judge correctly. In the real world, a totally digital press is not essential (i.e., it does not affect the ability of the press) it just makes you more efficient, with less to deal with.

Heat Press Inc is now a Dealer for WinPCSign Software

We are proud to be able to offer one of the best cutting and rhinestone software programs on the market.  We have the best pricing for the following:

  • WinPCSign2012 Basic
  • WinPCSign2012 Professional with Rhinestone Design
  • WinPCSign2014 Professional with Rhinestone Design and New Features

WinPCSign works with most all cutters on the markets and works extremely well with GCC Vinyl cutters that we provide.

New WinPCSign 2014 Features

  • Drop rhinestones
  •  Spray rhinestones on selection
    •  Spray Freehand
    •  Composer rhinestones pattern (Repeat, inverse, center etc)
    •  Resize rhinestone drawing or text
    •  Fill between two stone
    •  Distribute spacing between two stones
    •  Copy selected stone ( left, right, up, down)
    •  Fix stone intersection (enter distance)
    •  Make rhinestone pattern with selected object
    •  Convert circle with new pattern
    •  Convert object stones
    •  Convert stone to other shapes
    •  Create real rhinestone alphabets
    •  Better and faster vectorization
    •  Erase small surface interactive (Vectorization)
    •  Auto vectorization mode for Arabic & Indian     fonts
    •  Convert an color image into a rhinestone pattern
    •  Rhinestones: Touch detection stones
    •  Rhinestones: Color selection by color rhinestones
    •  Rhinestones: Color selection by size
    •  Rhinestones: Color selection by size + color
    •  Rhinestones: Fit Stones on any shapes
    •  Rhinestones: Island fill (Full or Partial)
    •  Rhinestones: Rhinestsones texture
    •  Import SVG & PDF (vector file)
    •  New tools to cut Foam ( chaining)
    •  Simulation of blade trajectory on the path
    •  Magic Ruler (real images measurement)
    •  Customer folder (jobs, notes, etc)
    •  Replacement of non-available font
    •  Elimination of edges path angle
    •  Measurements of objects (auto calculation of lengths, surface)
    •  Super weeding of vinyl
    •  Automatic Black & White vectorization
    •  Photo cut vectorization
    •  Center line vectorisation
    •  Double line vectorization
    •  Design center, Outlines, Shadows, Perspectives & Rotations 3D
    •  Draw a segment with a given angle
    •  Creation and correction of font
    •  Accelerated impression of the image
    •  WYSIWYG cutting preparation
    • Cut and Paste
    • Easy to Use Measuring Tool
    • Rotate, Mirror, Scale
    • Online Help
    • Interactive Cutter Control
    • Automatic Color Separation for Cutting
    • Complete Text & Graphic Layout
    • Uses your TrueType Fonts installed on your computer (Auto Font Import)
    • Import / Export (EPS, DXE, AI,SVG etc.)
    • Easy node and path Edit
    • Dictionary
    • Kiss cutting option
    • Engraving functions
    • Intelligent logos search
    • 500 Logos ready to cut and print
    • Copy properties
    • Multiply copies, circulars copies
    • Cut shape with a straight segment
    • Cropping image with rectangle, circle, oval & text
    • Distortions, Outline, Contour with welding, Shadow, Gradient
    • Draw arrows, stars, polygons, ellipses, circles, rectangles
    • Cutters drivers installed more than 500
    • Digital cameras import
    •  Rhinestone calculator cost, time, garment …)
    •  Blank t-shirt size and color
    •  Heat transfer material
    •  Cost and time calculator, garment…
    •  Distortion, Arc text…
    •  Ogee
    •  Taper
    •  Fonts
    •  Texture (granite and more)
    •  WPC file preview
    •  Watermark
    •  Transparency
    •  Overcut
    •  Cutting contour using ARMS (GCC, SAGA)
    •  Smoot vectorized path
    •  New WYSIWYG welding
    •  Lattice
    •  Auto-Backup of your current job
    •  Save your Personalize Toolbar setup
    •  Free hand tool
    •  Interactive messages
    •  Unicode Paste Chinese, Russian, Arabic … symbols
    •  Spiral tool
    •  Color Scheme
    •  Zoom with CLICK + CTRL
    •  Group ungroup (Easy one click)
    •  Orthogonal rotation
    •  Automatic color vectorization
    •  Automatic cleaning vectorization filter
    •  Enlarge and reduction images processing
    •  Painting effects
    •  Histogram / Adjust histogram
    •  Merge any selection with an images
    •  Shadow with transparent. (gray and colors)
    •  Perspectives on images
    •  Softening of image contours (Soft touch function)
    •  Correction of image imperfection (Touch up function)
    •  Separation of an image in color plans (cmyk, cmy, rgb, black)
    •  Calibrations of images colors
    •  Cropping image by personal path and text
    •  Masks effect
    •  Superposition of colors
    •  Adjustment of the semitone
    •  Printing colors management
    • Cut & Print all TrueType and Adobe fonts
    • Cutting by colors and objects
    • Multiples weeding contours
    • Edition and special effects on images (noise,emboss, etc.)
    • Convert vector object to image
    • Change resolution and color of images (bits, dithering, etc)
    • Import / Export Bmp, Jpg, Tiff, Eps, Pcx, Wmf, Wpc, Vip
    • Import vectorized files Eps, Ai, Dxf, Prn, Plt. Wpc, Vip, Svg, Pdf etc
    • Import PDF vector files
    • Visual text spacing
    • Dimension-lines (see and print measurements)
    • Color scanning & black/white.
    • Top quality MAX fonts
    • Separate text in characters, word, line and outline
    • Convert a segment to Beziers, in Arc and Bezier with a click
    • Simple interface to write any text on path and circle
    • Manual vectorization
    • See opened path (unsnap)
    • See direction path
    • Automatic numbers production
    • Lock and unlock selected object.

Heat Press Inc is now a authorized dealer for Sticky Glitter Decal Material

Sticky Glitter is a decal material with a permanent adhesive for making Glitter Car decals or combining with hot fit rhinestones to really stand out.
Sticky Glitter is for making BLING Car Decals, mixing with Rhinestones and our re-positionable fluid will allow you the manufacture,  make custom  Glitter Decals for cars, windows, special occasion wine bottles, acrylic pitchers, and glasses etc.  If you already are making custom rhinestones stencils and rhinestone appliques then this gives you another product to offer your customers. Cut this material on your vinyl cutter, weed, peel and stick, What a WOW Factor you will add to the finished products.   The Rhinestone Sticky Glitter Material is weather resistant for hot and cold weather. Sticky Glitter Decal Material the newest Trend in Car Decals. 24 Colors to choose from!!!

Available in sizes: 9.5″x5yds, 9.5″x10yds, 9.5″x20yds, 19″x5yds, 19″x10yds, 19″x20yds

Heat Press Inc is now a authorized dealer for Sticky Flock for Rhinestone Templates

Heat Press Inc is now a authorized Sticky Flock Dealer and is used for the purpose of making rhinestone templates.   The flock surface allows for a smooth, easy pull of the hot fix tape which will save you a tremendous amount of time in creating transfers!

Once a template is cut, simply stick the template on top of your work station. Make as many transfers as you wish and then remove the template from your workstation and store for future use. Using a workstation saves you from having to buy backer board or other materials.

Since Sticky Flock can stick to Sticky Flock without permanently adhering, you can mix and match multiple templates at the same time to create unique transfers.  You can change the position of the templates on the workstation without having to cut a new template for every little change in the design.  Feel free to call 714.947.1355 or email with any questions!

Sticky Flock Logo

ISS Long Beach January 18, 19, and 20th 2013 Booth #1361

Heat Press Inc will be at exhibiting at the ISS (Imprinted Sportswear Show) January 18-21 2013 at booth #1361.  We’ll be demonstrating our new direct to garment printer the Nexus DTG500TX along with our new Vesta VP3804U threadable/dressable auto open heat press machine and GCC Vinyl Cutters.  Come visit us we’ll have a lot of great samples to give out and free tutorials on how to upgrade or add something new to your business.


Iron On Instructions for Heat Applied Vinyl Decal or Appliques

There are 3 things needed to complete your creation:

A fabric that is 100% cotton, 100% polyester or a poly/cotton blend.

An iron and a hard surface.

We will send you full instructions with your purchase on how to fully adhere your vinyl.

Application instructions (Household Iron):

1. Preheat iron to cotton setting (about 320-340 degrees) NO STEAM.

2. Dress the garment or have a hard flat surface you can put behind 1 layer of the garment but big enough for the decal. Iron out and flatten the garment, this helps take the moisture out to make a better transfer too.

3. Place transfer face down on a flat surface and careful lift the backing from the design (designs should stick to the clear plastic sheet).

4. Place the transfer, sticky side down, onto the fabric and press into place with your hand. If it is not in the desired position, lift and re-position. (once heat bonded to fabric, you can’t move the decal) Press on the decal with firm pressure for 15-20 seconds and let cool for 2 minutes.

5. CAREFULLY Turn fabric inside out. Place iron over the design area and apply steady pressure for 15 seconds (DO NOT MOVE IRON AROUND AS DECAL MAY SHIFT)

6. Then Set aside and allow transfer to completely cool 3-5 minutes.

7. Turn fabric to right side out. Slowly and carefully peel the clear plastic sheet away from the fabric. If decal is not sticking, replace the plastic sheet back onto the shirt and you may re-iron on the opposite side of the fabric again.

8. For best care, please wash garment inside out in cold delicate cycle and hanger dry.

Have any questions? Contact the shop owner.




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